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Anti-COVID19 Germagic Technology

PRODESIGN always focus on creating ergonomic and healthy working environment to our clients. Hong Kong is now seriously interrupted by the epidemic hit of COVID-19. Providing a clean and safe environment to avoid infection is 1st priority to all companies who care about their staffs. PRODESIGN wanna help. PRODESIGN is now introducing GERMAGIC, a germicidal technology which can kill 99% of LEVEL 3 virus including COVID-19 in the environment. It can provide an over 90 days immediate protection to your staffs.

Advantages of GERMAGIC

  1. GERMAGIC is a technology developed by HKUST since 2003 and commercially launched on 2017. It has undergone vigorous testing in China, UK and USA to ensure its high efficiency and quality. GERMAGIC has been proven effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses. It can kill over 99% of LEVEL 3 viruses including COVID-19.
  1. Unlike conventional antimicrobial technologies replying on contact-killing only, GERMAGIC provide ACTIVE all-round protection, including “Contact-killing”, “Release-killing” and “Anti-adhesion” abilities.
  2. GERMAGIC is refined from Thyme. It will not release any metal ion and has been proven harmless to human and pets.
  3. GERMAGIC is now widely used in school, public transportation, hospital, elderly center and shops in China and HK.

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